Sunday, March 29, 2009

It sucks yearning for financial security.

I am desperately, yearning for some financial security. I need a raise and badly, the thing is i owe more than i am making. I had two jobs and could make ends meet now because of the failing economy my second job scaled back. it was not based on choice because the honest truth is that there were no customers to make profit from parties and weddings were being cancelled faster than a hurricane. Now, i am in a position where i have no option than to make ends meet with what I am making at the moment which is nothing. I could go on and on but i know that everyone that will be reading this blog would agree and attest to their own financial yearnings. feel free to comment on this blog we'll see how far this will go. i know its just a vague blog that expresses financial frustration ( that's the point) so comment! lol.